First Christian Church of Beaumont Endowment Fund, Inc. Annual Awareness and Contribution Drive
The most familiar methods to provide financial support for our church organiza-tion is through our tithes and offerings to the general operating fund, and by way of designated or undesignated gifts to our various memorials and reserve funds. A common theme in these two methods is that these contributions will be spent either very soon or in the near future. The resulting expenditures are reviewed during each board meeting. A less familiar method is through gifts to the First Christian Church of Beaumont Endowment Fund, Inc. These gifts are managed differently from those described above. Unless specifically requested by the donor, the principle of an endowment fund gift is held in perpetuity. In this way, the principle of the endowment fund grows, thus increasing the income potential of the fund. Only the income from our fund is expected as follows: 50% to Outreach and World Missions, and 50% to Capital Reserve accounts to support and improve our facilities. You might say that a gift to the endowment fund has a long reach, it just keeps on giving year after year. Our Endowment Fund is a nonprofit corporation. The officers consist of our five FCC trustees, senior minister, and board chair. Anyone can contribute any amount at any time. But, to encourage awareness and participation of our church members we have an annual contribution drive. This year, contribution envelopes and a donation box will be located in the Narthex during worship services on December 10th and December 17th. We are hoping for a five dollar contribu-tion from each member.
John Weitzel - Trustee Chair